The deployment
of the K9 unit
The deployment of a K9 anti poaching dog unit.

Dogs have proven to be an essential tool in the fight against natural crime. They are capable of detecting poachers, detecting products from wild animals and recognizing illegal weapons and ammunition. Project Rhino has worked on the implementation of a dog unit capable of serving the needs of a reserve and functioning in the unique landscape of KwaZulu-Natal.

In the first three weeks the K9 Project Rhino unit was already present at SAPS roadblocks, vehicle backup checks and night patrols. The K9 unit also proved its effectiveness by finding a number of carcasses of seriously endangered white-cheeked vultures. Vultures are regularly poisoned for illegal use on the traditional drug market. Hopefully in the future K9 teams can grow with the help of trained and certified tracking dogs to assist in locating and locating suspects and collecting important information.

The Project Rhino K9 Unit