What happens with
your donation

What happens with your donation?

The donations are put directly and completely in Project Rhino. We will personally hand over these donations to Project Rhino.

“Project Rhino is an association of like-minded organisations, facilitating rhino conservation interventions, aimed at eliminating rhino poaching and securing the white and black rhino populations of KwaZulu-Natal. The members of Project Rhino recognise that the work in conserving and protecting rhinos from the threat of poaching is symbolic of the broader threat faced by all wildlife, and that all wildlife will benefit from actions taken by Project Rhino. The association is also aware that the poaching of rhino is symptomatic of the overall, bigger environmental crises facing South Africa and its neighbours.”

Project Rhino was formed in 2011 by 18 Founding Members to unite the province’s conservation community against rhino poaching threats to the province. The Founding Members include Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (the provincial government conservation agency), private and community-owned game reserves and prominent conservation NGO’s. It has been recognised by both the Mail & Guardian newspaper and the Rhino Conservation Awards as a leader in the fight against rhino poaching.

Now in its 8th year, Project Rhino continues to bring together organizations with a common vision and goal, identifying synergies through an integrated, common approach and collectively, is a representative body that carries powerful leverage ability. It has pioneered an ethos of collaboration and tackles macro-level issues that affect all KZN rhino stakeholders, as well as initiating or partnering in anti-poaching strategies that benefit all rhino, regardless of whether they are to be found in provincial, private or community-owned game reserves.


  • 1. Security
  • 2. Community Engagement, Education & Awareness
  • 3. Legislation & Judiciary
  • 4. Lobbying & Strategic Relationships
  • 5 .Fundraising & Publicity

Operational Projects

  • 1. ZAPWing –Zululand Anti-poaching Airwing
  • 2. Ranger Training and Equipment
  • 3 .Project Rhino K9 Unit
  • 4. Project Rhino Horse Unit
  • 5. Dehorning

Landscape Socio-ecological resilience

  • 6. Community Engagement Work
  • 7. Rhino Art

Strategic Wildlife Crime and Education

  • 8. World Wildlife Youth Summit

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