Warning Graphic content!

This video tells the story 'Poached' written by Dr William Fowlds, a heartbreaking story of Geza's life and poaching.
Footage taken by Elise Daffue of a poaching incident near Pretoria, 18 July 2013.
WARNING: This footage is extremely graphic and may offend sensitive viewers. In March 2013 Kruger National Park section ranger Richard Sowry captured the ugly face of South Africa's poaching pandemic when he discovered a mutilated female rhino clinging to life following an attack by poachers. A poignant and gruesome portrayal of the horrors of the horn trade, this footage reveals the grim fate that sadly awaits many of Africa’s rhinos.
On the 2nd of March 2012, 3 rhino's were poached at Kariega Game Reserve -- 1 passed away during the course of the night, but the remaining 2 miraculously survived, and are struggling for their lives. This is some of the footage taken on the first day after the attack.

25 March 2019. A rhino lies dying. Dont be fooled by the media silence, rhino poaching remains a serious issue in South Africa. Graphic and difficult to watch, spare a thought for the conservation staff who deal with the horrors of poaching every single day.