In areas where law enforcement has become difficult and there is political instability or corruption, rhinos have less direct protection from which poachers benefit. Worldwide, natural crime is not taken as seriously as other crimes such as drug trafficking and human trafficking. The defense means for criminals in nature are low and the law enforcement system falls short all over the world when it comes to illegal trade in wild animals and plants. Poachers are difficult to prosecute because of the many people in between and evidence is hard to find. Because of this many poachers are not prosecuted, and bosses of these criminal organizations are rarely found.

However, many different nature organizations put more pressure on the legal system with regard to nature crime. In April 2019, three poachers were convicted of 25 years in jail after poaching 55 rhinos in the period from 2013 to 2016, this process took almost three years before a decision was made.

Sven explains rhino poaching